We are so excited when we are able to connect with people who have beautiful stories to tell regarding the positive impact BiologicVET pet nutritional supplements have in the lives of their pets. Here is one particularly touching story about Valley, a greyhound who had severe allergy issues, had used prescription drugs for treatment and still was about to be euthanized to relieve his suffering.

Debra Tells the Story of Valley

I met you at the “All About Pets” show to buy more products to keep our 12-year-old greyhound healthy and allergy free. I am sure you remember me, as I kept interrupting to tell customers what a great product you have! I am sorry to have done that, but I just wanted people to hear of a real success story. I could have stood there all weekend to tell Valley’s story.

We adopted Valley 3 1/2 yrs. ago when his previous owner passed away. The family handed us Vanectyl-P which is a steroid and antihistamine for his skin allergies. The medication made him miserable and lethargic. We were at the point of having him euthanized as we felt it would be the humane thing to do. He was truly suffering as you can see in the pictures.


Valley’s itchy and painful leg

I came on a mission to find him some relief for the summer of 2009, as it worsened during the hot weather.

I didn’t purchase BiologicVET products at the show. I gathered all the information possible from every vendor that promised help. I came home, researched every product and my husband and I decided to try the BioSKIN&COAT and BioFATS which you had recommended.

Ever since, he has been a happy, active dog with no signs of allergies. Last summer (mid-August) he showed some discomfort and itched for about 1 week, but there were no open sores or raw, red skin.

You can see the in this photo we could not even cut his nails as he would scream out in pain. We just left them and tried to make him comfortable. It looked like his nails were going to pop right out.

Valley suffering with skin allergies

Valley suffering with skin allergies

I was feeding him a raw diet and supplementing with lots of fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) and this did help, but his true relief came when we gave him the BiologicVET products.


Valley is now feeling great!

Thanks again, I tell everyone about this product when I hear of allergy issues in dogs. As you know, I work as a Pet Nutrition Specialist and come across more allergies in pets than you can imagine. Of course, most people feed kibble for convenience, and other reasons, so I tell them to supplement with your products.

I purchased your vitamins last week to feed to all of my greyhounds.

Debra Daly
Fisherville, ON