Our company mission statement:

“Guided by our sincere passion for wellness, excellence, integrity and results; our mission is to give pet guardians the rewarding experience of a pet that is optimally healthy and happy.  We do this by providing natural and nutritional pet supplements that support healthy growth, healing, vitality and quality of life.”

pet health awareness

What does this mission statement really mean, in practical terms?

Optimal Health and Happiness for your Pet

We all love our pets. They are a part of our families and just as we want the best for our children, we want our pets to experience a healthy and happy life. This desire also has a pragmatic element to it, as a healthy animal requires less veterinary care, so we can look at the nurturing of our pet’s health as an investment…but really we do it out of love. Feeling that our dog or cat is happy (and healthy) gives us a sense of joy.

Natural and Nutritional Pet Supplements

We all feed our pets food that may range from bad to good, depending on the quality of the product. But just as humans take vitamins and supplements to make up for what we’re not getting from our imperfect food sources, so we have created a line of nutritionally rich, organically based pet products that richly provide the raw materials that benefit the physiology of our pets.

Healthy Growth & Healing

While we certainly would not want to make grandiose claims, I think we can all agree that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When our pets biological systems are receiving proper nutrients, there is indeed a result that can be seen. This does not have to be taken by faith. The animal’s skin, coat, and energy levels can all be perceived to be at a good place, or not, and this is driven by the internal health of the metabolism, proper hormone function and a strong immune system.

Likewise, when these systems are functioning at their best, injury and sickness recovery benefits greatly.

Our pets will heal faster.

healthy cat and dog

Vitality and Quality of Life

Consuming nutritionally rich supplements supports dogs and cats to live a full life, as much as is possible in our world, which is full of toxins and mediocre pet food choices. I daresay that this quality of life is not limited to our pets but expands into our families, as we gain psychological benefits from a happy pet, as well as physical benefits, due to our increased physical interaction, via play.

Our message and mission then, is about physical and psychological health for our pets and ourselves. It is about fully embracing, experiencing and nurturing the love and joy that flows in two directions between us and our pets. As humans, we experience happiness when we see the joy that our pets experience. We feel freer as we see them express freedom in running, jumping and loving without discretion.

Our dogs and cats then experience this in return. We reflect this love back and forth. At BiologicVET, we feel honoured to be a part of increasing awareness of pet health and in doing so, spreading an uplifting and joyful message.