whats wrong with pet food

The Problem

Our pets face a similar nutritional challenge that we face, as humans. Fruits and vegetables are picked long before they are in an optimal state, then transported long distances. As a result, the nutrient density is diminished. In addition, protein sources such as chicken and beef are raised on man-made feeds, of a similar nutrient deficient state. The feed animals are then lacking in nutrients as they are consumed by us or our pets. At the same time, many people today are aware of the low quality of care of chicken, cattle and pigs, as they are raised in unhygienic, cramped and unhealthy conditions.

As an example, bone meal is commonly used in pet food to increase levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. It seems to make sense that if this crushed bone comes from cattle that is unhealthy, which has lived in poor conditions and has been fed nutrient deficient feed, then the bone meal itself will be of little or no value to our pets.

cows eating corn

Fatten up those cows!

Corn is commonly used as a feed for mass produced cattle. Why corn? Don’t cows eat grass? Yes, cows that graze in a more natural environment eat grass and other grains. Corn is a high energy feed that increases fat and mass much more rapidly, enabling farmers to grow their cattle bigger and faster, thereby decreasing production time and increasing profit. As corn fed cattle became the norm in the 1950’ and 60’s, the meats for human consumption began to have that desired “marbling”, otherwise known as interstitial fat (which is in fact a medical condition.) We have gotten used to this fat and taste which is now preferred over the more natural grain-fed beef.

When our pets are young and stronger, it’s more challenging to notice health issues which are often slow to manifest. As they age, the symptoms become more apparent and rapid in their development.

The Signals

Here are some of the indicators that your pet is not getting balanced nutrition:

  • Regularly occurring illness
  • Frequent urination/water consumption
  • Low energy
  • Rapid weight loss/gain
  • Issues with skin and coat
  • Inflammation, arthritis, etc.
  • General slowing down, lack of vibrancy, premature aging

The Solution

A healthy diet is a major part of the solution. With good nutrition our pets will have more energy, get sick less often, be less prone to inflammation and will have their aging process slowed down. If pet food doesn’t provide this nutrition, we will need to supplement our pet’s diet with the proper blend of nutrients that will enable them to experience this healthier and happier life.

At BiologicVET, our task is to provide supplements that counteract the poor nutrition that is commonly found in commercial pet food. Our products provide the vitamins and minerals that are often lost or destroyed during the food manufacturing process. We provide the enzymes, fatty acids and antioxidants that are missing from foods which have had these elements processed out of them.

We often attribute pet health conditions to simply aging but more often poor nutrition is the driver of poor health. With a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, your pet will be far more able to resist illness and infection and will age naturally while remaining healthy and vibrant…longer.